Oklahoma Public School Resource Center

Welcome to the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC). The OPSRC was created to provide educational support services and technical assistance to all of Oklahoma's public schools in the areas of school finance, law, technology, communications and teaching and learning. The OPSRC also provides networking and training opportunities for member schools and serves as an advocate for public education as a whole. The center offers all stakeholders accurate, current information about best practices and educational policy.

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Mission & Whom We Serve

The Oklahoma Public School Resource Center provides public schools across the state the resources they need to unburden administrators, support teachers, and most importantly, engage students. Membership in the OPSRC is open to all public schools in Oklahoma. While all public schools are welcomed, we are particularly focused on meeting the needs of small schools. These schools typically lack a large central/administrative office typically found in larger schools and the technical services offered by the Center are tailored to help address the administrative challenges facing such schools.


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The Oklahoma Public School Resource Center is here to help your district succeed in every way. So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below and schedule a meeting with us today!

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Our Funders

Member Services


The OPSRC Finance staff provides assistance in school improvement planning, federal and state categorical spending, school financial policy development, overtime, purchasing, inventory management, fiscal distress trends and issues, salary schedules, school audit, and issues in Teacher Retirement. The Finance team offers targeted workshops and trainings in many of these areas.

Teaching & Learning

The OPSRC Teaching & Learning team is committed to ensuring our partner schools are competitive in academic achievement. We do so by providing access to resources and information, technical assistance, and targeted professional development. The Teaching & Learning team designs and implements a wide variety of professional development units and provides training to member districts.


The OPSRC Communications team works with schools and districts on their own communication and public relations by sending school press releases, creating district brochures, developing district or school publicity or public relations plans, conducting an analysis of the school or district website, and addressing any other community stakeholder communication needs.


The Legal staff is available to member schools as an in-house general counsel and will provide services including but not limited to the following: legal document creation and review, including those pertaining to personnel, students, grant applications, standards monitoring, and state/federal program compliance, and other professional services; consultations by phone, e-mail, or in-person at the school site or the OPSRC office(s); innovative and updated sharing of legal news and case briefs affecting member schools.


The OPSRC Technology team provides assistance to schools with technical issues and also provides training and workshops on pressing technology topics. The technology is available to assist with continuity plans, eRate applications, and other school and district technology decisions. Technology workshops focus on topics of interest including iPads in the classroom, Web 2.0, The Flipped Classroom model, District Websites, and iBooks Author.


Here at the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center, all schools are important. Regardless of the size of your district or the challenges you're facing we're here to help! Our focus is on making your school successful and helping you excel. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting with us today!

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OPSRC has teamed up with NWEA to give educators the data and resources they need to place the child at the center of the educational experience. OPSRC members are now eligible for reduced rates through NWEA.

NWEA provides research-based educational growth measures, professional training and consulting services to improve teaching and learning.

Additionally, its Growth Research Database, the most extensive collection of student growth data in the country, provides a rich source for the study of academic achievement.

Reports are available at individual, classroom, school, program and district levels. Students see their scores immediately, and teachers see detailed reports within 24 hours. Within 72 hours, principals and other administrators can access reports of aggregated data that show student growth, proficiency and norms.

NWEA Pricing is a 3-year-tiered system

  • Year 1- the district pays $4.50 per student and OPSRC pays $8.00
  • Year 2- the district pays $6.50 per student and OPSRC pays $6.00
  • Year 3- the district pays $8.50 per student and OPSRC pays $4.00

Professional Development is a requirement when purchasing MAP and MPG. Your district pays $1000 for the “Getting Started with MAP” online training.

NWEA and OPSRC will host regional training workshops representatives from your district can attend. Please contact us to set up and meeting and learn more about this subsidy.


Online Supplemental Learning

In partnership with the Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC), OPSRC is now offering to member and non-member schools alike access to a robust online supplemental learning portal. This resource provides middle and high school students with a wide range of teacher-led and facilitated courses to complement their traditional classwork. In addition to general education courses, students can select from a variety of Advanced Placement, honors, credit recovery and remediation, and various electives, including foreign languages. If you have students who need advanced or specialized coursework, students who want to improve their skills in specific subjects, advanced students who need expanded educational offerings, or homebound students needing access to credit recovery options, this portal may be the answer! For instructions on how to sign up, click here. To go to the Online Supplemental Learning Portal, click on the button below!

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