Website Offering

Updating your site can't get any easier.

Forget complicated platforms and content management systems. We know as a school employee you have a lot on your plate, and we want to make updating your site as easy as possible. We use simple menus and rich text editor tools that you'll be familiar with!

Responsive Websites

Mobile devices are everywhere, so shouldn't your website work with them? The majority of website visits now occur on mobile phones. Our sites are adaptive and work no matter what size the device is. That means your patrons get a consistent look and experience, whether they are on a desktop machine or a mobile phone.

Social Media Integration

It's always difficult trying to keep multiple platforms up to date and consistent, but we have the solution for your school! We've integrated social media into our platform. All you need to do is update your Facebook status.

We can set up your social media accounts so that once you update your Facebook status, it will automatically update your Twitter account and your website too! You no longer have to post the same update in 3 different places. Post once, and forget about it!

Alert Your Patrons!

Easily alert your parents and patrons if you have to cancel school. This is also a great way to remind the community about important events. Communicate simply and effectively.

Easy Image Galleries

Uploading images to your website can be a real pain. You have to create a gallery and then try to get images off your camera to your computer. But most of the time we take pictures with our phone. With an OPSRC website, you can add images to a website gallery by simply uploading images from your phone to Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr. Upload from your phone, and the images are immediately placed on your site!

Upload your images once, and they post to multiple places!

Google Analytics

We provide an easy way for you to access your Google Analytics stats. You can get a snapshot at how many people are using your site, and you can even view how many users are on your site in real time! We want you to know how your site is performing.

Google Calendar

Website calendars are always clunky and difficult to add dates to. And most of the time you're already adding dates to an internal calendar and then having to post again on your website. No more! If you are a Google Apps for Education school, we can embed your school calendars. Create your events once in your calendar, and they're on the web!