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What Drives Educators to Be the Best They Can Be?

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Teaching and Learning
June 21, 2016

Passion! As educators, we know that some of our best lessons come from the most unexpected places, but we definitely have to have our ears and hearts open to absorb these great musings.

Meet Steve, my plumber. It’s late Friday afternoon, my kitchen sink is definitely clogged and yucky. I have grandbabies on the way for a weekend stay and a couple of dinner guests in the next few days. And my hero of the day is Steve! Of course he has to use the snake to clear the line to the sewer, but in the course of the conversation and his time in our house he tells me his story. He’s been a plumber for 30 years and will retire this fall but and to summarize his words “when you have passion for a job like I do, you work really hard to be the very best no matter what the conditions.”  

What a great analogy to the majority of Oklahoma educators. It is their passion that leads them to continue to do the very best with the resources they have, no matter what the conditions. In other words, it’s the passion that continues to drive you to do one more project, read one more story and find one more way to look at difficult concepts so your students’ knowledge of the world can continue to expand.

Thanks Steve for fixing the sink, but more importantly, for helping me realize that no matter what the trade, whether plumber or educator or something else, it is our passion that keeps us striving to do the very best we can.

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