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January 31, 2014

Welcome to the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center!

We are a new education non-profit dedicated to supporting public schools in the State of Oklahoma. Public schools in Oklahoma face a tremendous administrative burden and this burden is particularly cumbersome to smaller schools–especially rural public schools and public charter schools. Recognizing that smaller schools lack large central office staffs, the OPSRC aims to help fill this gap by providing technical services in the following five areas: finance, law, technology, teaching and learning, and communications.

Our staff will consult, train, and support public schools in these areas and will facilitate the sharing of information between public schools so that schools can share best practices and learn about new innovations from their fellow school leaders. By encouraging networking and reducing the administrative burden on public schools, the OPSRC can help schools focus on their core mission: educating students.

I hope you’ll take time to review the OPSRC’s website and contact us with any questions. We are brand new and are focused on recruiting top talent for our staff. In the coming months, we will be scheduling training opportunities and other events that we believe will be of interest to public schools so please check back often for updates.

Thank you for your interest in the OPSRC—I look forward to hearing from you and working together to support and improve public education in our great state.

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Brent Bushey

Executive Director

Brent serves as the Executive Director of the OPSRC. As Executive Director, he is helping to establish the OPSRC and is responsible for building relationships with school leaders while also focusing on recruiting and hiring the OPSRC’s staff. This position is a return to his career “roots” as he began his career as a teacher in the New Orleans public schools on behalf of Teach for America and also served Teach for America as national recruitment director.

Prior to joining the OPSRC, Brent served as a program manager with the Federal Government. Brent holds an MA in Public Administration from George Washington University and a BA in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from Michigan State University.

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