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Tuesday Solutions: State of Urgency

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Teaching and Learning
June 9, 2015

This is what I hope all Oklahoma educators are feeling as they move into summer breaks: A STATE OF URGENCY! I am quite confident that Oklahoma professional educators cringe every time a new statistic or decision regarding education makes headlines, such as the 5th & 8th grade spring writing tests being invalidated. No matter, our Oklahoma students deserve the very best education we can provide, regardless of budget cuts and political terms. Our Oklahoma students continue to be promoted and graduated, while many are still wringing their hands about how to “fix” the problem. To me, it’s simple: just let our educators teach! But is that simple?? This can only be simple if the teacher in the classroom is supported by the building administrator who is then supported by the superintendent who is then supported by the local school board and then all of the policies, enacted to support the child.

It’s important to remember that the education community doesn’t include just the schools, their students, and the parents. We must also take into consideration the future of our communities; Chambers of Commerce are concerned with an often unmet need for an educated, skilled workforce. We must all work together to provide the support our schools need and that our students deserve.

As an experienced Oklahoma educator, I am not leaving the profession as many in my peer group, but I want to work with those on the front lines everyday because I truly feel I am living in a state of urgency. Therefore, to help out as many educators as I can, I will try and provide quality professional development and support for teachers and administrators in the areas of content, classroom management and leadership development. Want to join in? Let me know how I can help.

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