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The Times, They Are a Changin'!

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Teaching and Learning
November 1, 2016

We are finally starting to feel cooler temperatures with the changing of the seasons, but the Teaching & Learning team is also witnessing some extraordinary changes happening in your classrooms, with your teachers and most importantly, for your students.  

As always, we love coming to your sites to consult with you about your needs and what supports we can offer, and we beginning to see your teachers using many of the strategies we have trained them on such as Interactive Notebooks, Socratic Seminars and best classroom management practices from the Teach Like a Champion pedagogy. We are not stopping now, though! The T & L team is only gaining momentum, as we are in the early stages of developing a professional developing consulting service for our members. This service will we tailored to your faculty/staff, and we will help you create an intentional strategic PD plan beginning in the fall of 2017. More details to come in the following months, but the plan is to meet with your administrative teams next spring to create your personalized PD plan.

For now, we are excited about another transformative offering we have helped implement in four of our member schools: personalized learning. This student-centered way to meet the educational needs of ALL your students is getting statewide attention, but the conversation is being held outside Oklahoma as well. To learn more, register for the Day of Innovation Information Session scheduled for November 15 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Ken Grover, the nationally recognized educator and founding principal of Innovation Early College HS in Salt Lake City, UT, will facilitate the discussion as we plan to create the second cohort of schools to implement next fall. 

Change is a good thing when it is derived from robust conversations, and we heard many of our members tell us how valuable the PD course catalog is but we needed to add more features, and that is exactly what we are now doing. A new and improved catalog should be in your hands or ready for download no later than February 1: just in time for you to plan your next year’s PD trainings.

Other changes include more webinars and trainings for our NWEA users. We know how valuable the data you receive from this nationwide benchmark test can be to drive instruction in your classrooms.

Change is healthy but not just for the sake of change, so we intend to continue offering the sessions that you keep coming back for while at the same time creating new ones to meet your needs. Keep in touch with any specific requests you might have.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy your family!

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