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The Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP)

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August 1, 2018

The Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP) is a state program that provides online learning opportunities for K-12 students attending any public school in Oklahoma. One purpose of the OSOCP is to broaden curriculum access and provide advancement opportunities.

Here are some examples of how districts have enhanced their educational offerings through the OSOCP:

  1. Unable to replace a retiring art teacher, one district opted to keep the program operating through the use of online courses. Students attended art class as usual, with the instruction delivered virtually—supplemented by a local artist who worked with the students multiple times each week.
  2. In a similar situation to the scenario listed above, one district used the OSOCP to provide foreign language coursework for a group of students.
  3. Another district had a middle school student who had completed all the science courses available in the district. Because the student was eager to continue his study of science, the district used the OSOCP to provide advanced science courses for this student.

State statute indicates that districts have complete autonomy to select the online vendors they use. However, there are five vendors that are under state contract. The terms of the state contract guarantee that the prices quoted by the vendor are the lowest available within the United States. Further, vendors under state contract agree to have all of their courses reviewed to ensure (a) alignment to state standards and (b) implementation of best practices in online instruction.

To see the vendors who are under state contract, visit the Oklahoma Online Course Catalog (OOCC). The online catalog is also where you can see which courses are state certified, whether they are NCAA eligible, their pricing information and the results of course evaluations. Soon, you will also be able to find here the successful completion rate for each course.

Course Reviewers Needed! Each course in the OOCC is reviewed by a minimum of two certified teachers, and we are always looking to expand our pool of qualified reviewers! OSOCP course reviewers can earn up to $5000 annually. If you are interested in becoming a course reviewer or have an educator you would like to nominate, please contact us at

We would love to know your stories! If you have experiences with the OSOCP, please contact us and let us know how the OSOCP has worked for your district, school or students!!

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