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Summertime PD Opportunities

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Teaching and Learning
June 1, 2016

The whole summer--yes, the ENTIRE summer--sounds like a lot of time for planning and reflection. But as we all know, before you can turn around it’s the night before you return to your pre-school professional development days. I do hope you can use these next days and weeks to take a moment for yourself and read a non-educational book, see some softball, AAU baseball or picnic with family & friends.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it), waiting for you upon your return next fall will be the new Oklahoma standards for English and math. The Teaching & Learning team has developed a professional development training for the PreK-5th grades dubbed Unwrapping the Standards with Us. We revere the idea of training others and providing skills that enable our member teachers to analyze standards and be able to integrate these new learning targets into your lessons. We were excited to hold our first three state-wide standards trainings May 24, which we felt were successful. Our expectation will always be that participants in our trainings will take skills, concepts or activities with them that can be used the next day.

We will be developing the training for secondary standards once the assessments for those standards have been announced, so stay tuned! We will be scheduling more of these standards trainings beginning in August, BUT we have had many schools call and ask us to come to their sites to present these trainings, which we are excited to do! If you are interested in holding a standards training at your site or have questions, email me for more info.  Also, iff you’re planning your 2016-2017 professional development calendar, click the Download Now button on our website for access to the full catalog.

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