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Student Engagement Ideas and Upcoming Webinars

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Teaching and Learning
April 2, 2018

The Teaching & Learning team has spent the last few months focusing on your feedback and creating innovative, new PD offerings to meet your needs. With state testing and this week's walkout, we understand that April may be bringing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and concern. Know that we are here to support you. 

If you’d like to brainstorm ways to keep your students engaged academically during school closure, create positive test-taking environments, or implement strategies that will increase buy-in during state testing, we’d love to help. Here are some ideas that will keep learning fun and engaging for students during the month of April:

Student blogging

Using NWEA math results to create student playlists

Middle school sketchnotes for English Language Arts

And while you are juggling all that April brings, we know that summer PD is on your mind! Our calendar is beginning to fill up for July and August, and we want to make sure we develop a schedule to meet your district’s needs. Please visit our interactive PD catalog to view all our offerings. We are most excited about our “tracks” option. Depending on your school’s focus this year, whether it be data-driven instruction or increasing academic rigor, we have built a PD series for you. This means PD will no longer be a “one hit wonder;” instead, we will continually offer sessions throughout the year to serve as “booster shots” for your school priorities. If you don’t see a track that fits your priorities, please reach out, and we can develop a scope and sequence that fits your needs. You can email any of the T&L team members at:

And, don’t forget, we still have more webinars to come! Our next two scheduled webinars will focus on literacy strategies for students. After that, we will take a brief break in the webinar world for state testing and resume in May with more offerings. To see all of our upcoming webinars, go to

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