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Some Pretty Big News in the World of OPSRC PD!

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June 4, 2018

Congratulations on completing the 2017-2018 school year, and happy summer to you! We realize summers aren’t necessarily packed full with vacations and relaxing; it's the opposite in fact. Oklahoma’s educators spend their summers planning for the following school year, whether scheduling and designing professional development sessions, analyzing student outcomes and creating action plans or curriculum mapping, we know you are hard at work during the summer months!

We are certainly celebrating summer with our state-required Tulsa Model New Administrator Evaluator Training and the Tulsa Model Recertification Training! This 2-day training is free to all of our member schools and will review the Tulsa Model and background, the rubric, the observation and evaluation process and calibrating using rubric indicators. You can sign up for an initial training on July 18th-19th, July 23rd-24th, August 1st-2nd and September 13th-14th. For recertification training, you can access all your training materials and assessment online through our members-only portal starting July 1, 2018.  You do not need to attend an in-person training for recertification. For both courses, you will receive certification notice,  and we will report your certification directly to the OSDE. 

While you are considering your professional development during the summer and for next school year, it’s important to remember the Professional Learning Focus, mandated by House Bill 2957.  Leaders and teachers will focus professional learning on what matters most to their current student population, based on the interest of the educator. Performance-based professional development is key to improving skills and effectiveness that lead to positive student outcomes within our school environments.

Some requirements of the Professional Learning Focus are:

  • Establishing an annual professional learning focus for the teacher or administrator that is developed by the teacher or administrator in collaboration with the evaluation
  • Allowing the teacher or administrator to engage in personalized learning he or she chooses
  • Supporting constant learning and growth of all educators
  • PL Focus is developed by the educator in collaboration with his/her evaluator.
  • PL Focus is tailored to address a specific area identified through the qualitative component of the TLE (i.e. Tulsa Model, McRel, Marzano).
  • At least one specific indicator/element should be documented as the primary PL Focus.

For more about the Professional Learning Focus, please visit the OSDE's website.

OPSRC has a variety of options throughout the year to fit your Professional Learning Focus. Always check out our current offerings on our Upcoming Events page, at  as we continue to add additional courses. And don't forget, our members-only Litmos platform offers a variety of webinars free to you as well! 

And don't forget our upcoming summer offerings:

Reach out soon for our final remaining spots for scheduling your summer professional development. To see the variety of courses we offer, view our PD catalog. Once you complete a request online, we will follow up with you to confirm details.

We can’t wait to teach and learn alongside you this summer!

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Jamila MacArthur

Director of Teaching & Learning

MacArthur leads the teaching and learning team to further expand quality professional development for public schools. She also focuses on strengthening collaborative partnerships with schools to further develop innovative strategies that increase student achievement.

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