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Looking Ahead

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December 1, 2016

Hard to believe it is already that wonderful time of the year again!  But for many, this is also the time of looking ahead to next year: planning the calendar and ensuring what new ideas you implemented this year are in place as part of next year's normal routine.

Right now, we are looking at making our professional development offerings for next year more attuned to your needs. I would like to spotlight a new feature we are offering. To ensure quality professional development is offered in your area, we can work with you to design Collaborative Days. What exactly does this mean? It means we can help you with the following tasks: 

  • Assist with finding a regional venue
  • Assist with planning the day’s agenda
  • Assist with staffing breakout sessions
  • Assist with procuring food services for snacks & lunch (if needed)
  • Assist your staff members in choosing topics that reflect their needs

The benefits include:

  • Collaborating with colleagues who have similar questions and needs
  • Discussing with larger groups, allowing for a greater variety of ideas
  • Sharing and expanding effective instructional strategies

It is NEVER to early to begin intentional and strategic planning for your next PD session or your next year’s trainings. The T & L team is already working on our PD calendar, which will be published by February 1 along with the updated PD course catalog. If there is a training you want us to develop, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

We want to thank you for your support this year and for your hospitality when we come your way. We also want to wish you and yours the merriest of all holiday seasons, and we looking forward to working with you in 2017.

Here’s to looking ahead!

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