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It’s the Little Things That Make Educators Happy!

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June 16, 2016

How true is that? Rhetorical question, I know BUT after three weeks of taking a break from my blog musings, I am ready to start anew.  And yes, I have discovered some little things that have made my life happy!

Even having just a little time for myself has brought reflection and new perspectives to realign priorities, set new goals and actually clean out my email inbox. Remember, it is the little things! I had almost 300 emails sitting in my inbox not so much waiting for me to respond but to decide to either file in an appropriate folder or delete. Although this endeavor of cleaning up my emails took a few hours, I feel that piece of my life is now a little more manageable. While I was going through the process, I found in one of those emails a great article: Improve the Way your School Uses Email from the MiddleWeb.  

How many times have I inadvertently sent an email without attaching the document I had referenced? Here's the solution: attach documents before addressing the email! What about sending an email to the wrong recipient--oops, awkward moment ahead! Here's the solution: leave the address line empty until you have written the email! The email tip list goes on. 

In summary, cleaning out my inbox and learning some new (at least for me) email tips have made just one little (but very important) piece of life seem to be in control, like cleaning out closets and drawers, things that were always on my summer to-do list.

It’s the little things, so take time to clear out the old and ready yourself for the new, whether it be new ideas, a clean inbox or new strategies to implement in your classroom/school next year. Little things DO make a diference!

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