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Teaching and Learning
April 5, 2016

That is what the OPSRC team and specifically the Teaching & Learning team are planning for your staff/school & district as we head into the Spring. OPSRC is excited to be planning five regional events throughout the 2016-2017 year dubbed REFRESH: An Interactive Professional Development Forum. The first of these will be in the southern region at Southern Oklahoma Technical Career Center on August 2. We will schedule breakout sessions based on what YOU need when you register on Eventbrite. The offerings will include a focus breakout session for EVERYONE on your staff: encumbrance clerks, administrators, teachers.  These interactive forums will allow you to bring your entire school staff on this day for a “one-stop shop” model. There will be laptops set so your teachers may take Interactive online courses to satisfy their required SDE certifications such as FERPA, Blood Borne Pathogens, Autism, etc. Lunch will be provided at all of the events, and as always they are FREE. The comprehensive year-long schedule will be made available on our website.

Besides the REFRESH event, the Teaching & Learning team will be scheduling PD over the new state standards: scope, sequence, unpacking-deconstructing and mapping. We know this will be your key focus next year, and we hope to partner with the SDE to compliment their efforts during this budget crunch. The standards trainings will also cost you nothing. 

Additionally, in the next few weeks, watch your mail for the OPSRC comprehensive PD catalog, which should be in the mail no later than the first week in April. When thinking of professional development, we hope you think of OPSRC as your resource.

All of these events are exciting, but what we really like is to collaborate with you to plan regional PD days and to visit you with a customized PD at your site. Either email me at or call 405-314-2063. We’re waiting to hear from you so we can make it happen for you!May your testing going smoothly and quickly!

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