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How Are You Honoring Teachers?

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May 2, 2017

This first week of May marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and I hope you will take time to communicate your gratitude for the teachers who have helped shape your life and who are shaping your children's lives. A few words of kindness, a card or any small token of your appreciation can go a long way to boost the spirits of a teacher who is mentally and physically spent. And while the entire week is spent in celebration of this group of extraordinary people, why not go ahead and extend it for the remainder of the school year?

I don't believe there is a more important job in our society than the one charged with educating our children--our future citizens. Our educators, whether classroom teachers or school administrators, get beat up enough, face seemingly insurmountable obstacles on a daily basis, and yet they continue to push forward often without any recognition or thanks. 

You come home exhausted each night from work? Try being a teacher, where the job doesn't end just because the bell rings. Going home often means stacks of papers to grade, lesson plans to create and polish, webinars to take to further their own knowledge and skills...all while trying to have a family and a life of their own. And those summers off? Not exactly the vacation time you think. Many are attending conferences, trainings and courses to obtain additional skills and certifications. Others might take on another job to pay the bills. Unfortunately, this is not hyperbole but the life of so many school teachers out there.

So as we wind down the school year, please remember those teachers who have made it their mission to fill our heads with knowledge and train our hands in skills that will help us prosper. They are our unsung heroes, our champions, and they deserve our utmost respect.

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