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Friday Forum – Learning Can Be Fun

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Teaching and Learning
March 13, 2015

Here are a couple of websites to make your Friday the 13th a little more fun: – a fun way to practice your vocabulary, grammar, and so much more while helping others. Use this site as a bell ringer or to fill in those last few minutes of class. – encourage creative writing using the artwork on this site. Students of all ages can choose from a wide variety of styles and subjects to create their own original books. Sign up is free but you can purchase the books you have written or those written by others. – want to brush up on your trivia knowledge and geography at the same time? Check out SmartyPins by Google. The goal – answer trivia questions by pinning your answer to a location on the map before you use up your miles. Luckily, for me, they do start you in the right area and make hints available.

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