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July 14, 2015

Oh, the hot days of summer! As educators, this is the calm before the August storm, and for parents this is the time when boredom begins to set in. I recently read two articles that rejuvenated two “old-fashion” ideas/activities: coloring and reading to our children (no matter what the age).

The cover story of this past Sunday’s Parade magazine features coloring with an emphasis on how many high-level managers find coloring a way to de-stress. For whatever reason, coloring, even outside the lines, brings a “harmony” to one’s self. I thought it interesting that this simple pleasure we all loved when we were young seems to have carried over to our adult years! I then asked myself, are kids still coloring?? I sure hope so. Even in this digital age, Walmart and office supply stores seem to have volumes of coloring books and crayons for sale, which to me is a good sign that not everyone has forgotten the non-digital world.

This coloring story followed on the heels of a Wall Street Journal story entitled “The Great Gift of Reading Aloud.” I immediately forwarded this article to my son and daughter, both of whom are new parents. The synopsis of this article is how truly rewarding the experience of reading aloud is for both the parent and the child. Not only is it enjoyable, but the practice benefits a child’s education. I overheard one superintendent at EngageOK this past week explaining how he credits his community volunteer readers with the school’s reading scores going higher.

There it is folks, two “old-fashion” but reliable activities for you to fill those lazy-hazy days of July.

Happy coloring to one and all.

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