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Diversifying Our PD Efforts

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Teaching and Learning
October 3, 2016

In an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of our members, the Teaching & Learning team works hard to offer diverse, focused services that are, as always, free! Besides our online courses, twice-a-month webinars and our customized on-site professional development, we offer five regional professional developments over two days, five times a year. Our next regional PD is slated for October 11 & 12 at a career tech near you. The topic for these October dates is Questioning for Learning, which promises to be one of our more dynamic trainings. To find a location near you and to register, click here.

OPSRC is excited to host a An Informational Day of Innovation on October 14. Attendees will learn what blended-personalized learning can look like first-hand from Ken Grover, founder and principal of Innovation Early College High School in Salt Lake City, UT. He will delve into how his school, nationally recognized for their innovative model, further engages students in their own learning. This year, OPSRC has assisted four Oklahoma schools with implementation of the blended-personalized learning model, and they will be sharing their stories at the event as well.

To continue addressing our members' specific needs, we are now offering Smartboard and iPad trainings, which have both become very popular and are in high demand. Schedule these or any other training via email or by calling 405-314-2063.

All that being said, please remember we are here for YOU, and we hope to see you in the coming months.

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