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“Change your mind, and you change the world."

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February 16, 2016

You may recognize these words as lyrics within the final song of Broadway's Kinky Boots. I love the possibilities and power these words bring to any conversation. I love hearing the stories where one educator decides he or she is tired of doing things--lesson plans, homework assignments, assessments, ignoring data--“as they have always been done” and makes a conscious effort to change or tweak one small item in his or her daily routine. This small change is then noticed by students, who tell their parents, who tell the administration, who then look at the data and realize change, no matter how small, can indeed be powerful.  

To most educators, their professional world is no bigger than their four classroom walls, but by pushing, challenging and demanding their students to give 110%, then those students will leave those walls, leave that building, graduate and yes, hopefully change the world.

I commend each and every one of you who seek a solution to your challenges instead of being negative or taking the easy route by following the status quo. I have heard a few amazing stories this past week through our trainings, where with a little knowledge and exposure to best practices and good strategies, good teachers have become better by meeting the needs of their ELL students, introducing some amazing websites or using data to improve their instruction.  

Thank you for daring to change the world because you changed your mind.

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