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Back to School, Back to G Suite

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September 4, 2018

Well, we’re back to school, and I know many of you are still racing around trying to get back into the groove. Not only are you trying to get lessons planned and students reacclimatized to procedures, but you're also trying to get comfortable with the technology we use. Just like our students, when we take a break, we often forget how things--especially related to technology--worked. The good news for you is that Google has released "Your Google for Education Guide for Back to School."

Here are some highlights:

Google Classroom

Google has made some changes to Google Classroom. They've made it easier for you to grade assignments with their new grading tool, and with the classwork feature, they've made it much easier to keep your digital classroom in order.  They still have some changes coming this fall, but you can get the details right here.

They also have a handy FAQ guide that you can use as well as a "First Day of Classroom" training tool that is super useful!

I've also made a video that's an overview of Classroom including the new features!

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Google has had some great VR tools and resources available over the past few years, but it just keeps getting better.  Google Cardboard allowed use to introduce students to a whole new world even with limited resources.

But now we have new tools available for us! YouTube VR videos, Google Expeditions and all their other tools still exist, but now students can get the Cardboard Camera app for free and create their own VR Tours.

You can also use the Science Journal and OKGO Sandbox for Science experiments. Later this year it will even integrate with Google Drive!

Learn the Skills

If you're looking to get a refresher on how to use G Suite, then Google has a great Educator Training Center that you can take advantage of so you can get better with using technology in your room.

They also have an Applied Digital Skills site with project-based lessons for middle and high school students as well as adult learners. Definitely worth checking out for you and your students.

There's more you can find in the guide, but I've tried to cover the essential points here for you. If you need any help or training, as always, we're here to help!

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Ben Parker

Director, Technology

Ben serves as Director of Technology for the OPSRC. In this role, he will provide support to schools on technical issues and training on pressing technology topics. Ben will assist partner schools with trainings, comprehensive technology plans, e-Rate applications, technology purchasing consultation, and other school and district technology decisions.

Prior to working with OPSRC, Ben was the Director of Technology for the Locust Grove Public School District. Ben implemented a 1:1 tablet program in Locust Grove that saw 6th-12th graders go paperless in the classroom.

In his free time, Ben likes to read and play the drums.

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