Literacy Tasks Students Do (and Not You!): Foundational Activities that Build Independent Readers and Writers

Administrators and Teachers
April 9, 2018

Literacy Tasks Students Do (and Not You!): Foundational Activities that Build Independent Readers and Writers

This webinar presents literacy tasks that help you try something new in your teaching to get to student learning better and faster with a focus on students doing the doing. Our readers and writers must “do the doing” if they are to succeed. In this webinar Nancy Akhavan offers an instructional plan designed to yield independent effort and engagement in reading and writing tasks. Participants will receive literacy tasks they can immediately implement in their classroom using nonfiction texts as read alouds, or independent reading opportunities. . Receive tips and ideas to develop confidence in using new strategies. Some highlights include learning how to implement the following:

  • Nonfiction reading with a focus on everyday skills, weekly practices, and sometime engagements requiring greater complexity
  • Mini-lessons that are essential— whether you use a reading program, a workshop approach, or are just transitioning to Balanced Literacy
  • Teaching charts allowing you to quickly grasp the high points of each lesson
  • A clear task structure for introducing and managing the stages as you move students toward independent practice

Nancy Akhavan is Assistant Professor in the department of Educational Research and Administration at California State University, Fresno. Previously, she was Assistant Superintendent of School Leadership for Middle Schools in Fresno Unified School District, a large urban district in California's Central Valley. She has worked as a district staff developer, principal, elementary school bilingual teacher, bilingual resource teacher, and professional development coordinator for over twenty years. Dr. Akhavan is passionate about providing a high quality education for all children through authentic, purposeful instruction. She has provided staff development training to teachers grades K-12 on topics as literacy, vocabulary development, writing, English Language Development, standards based instruction, coaching and leadership. She also has provided training to teacher leaders and administrators in systems and culture change, school reform, and classroom based professional development.

In addition to her work in classrooms and schools, she has written a number of professional books, including the Heinemann titles Teaching Reading in a Title I School, K-3Teaching Writing in a Title I School, K-3Help! All My Students Don't Speak English: How to Set Up a Language Workshop in Your Linguistically Diverse Classroom; and How to Align Literacy Instruction, Assessment, and Standards and Achieve Results You Never Dreamed Possible.