Google Classroom Training

November 9, 2017

Google Classroom Training

If your school is 1:1, or if you’re swimming in a sea of technology and aren’t sure how to integrate it into your classroom this training is for you.

In this professional development Ben Parker, our Director of Technology, will talk you through the basics of Google Classroom and then take you further by teaching you tips and tricks to make your experience with it much more successful.

In this training we’ll cover:

  • How to Make Fewer Class Copies
  • How to Get Your Class Organized
  • How to Assign Work More Easily
  • How to Collect Assignments Effortlessly
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback
  • How to Check Contributions to Group Work
  • How to Drive Student Discussion Inside and Outside the Classroom
  • How to Get your Entire Audience Engaged
  • How to Create Beautiful Learning Materials
  • How to Take Advantage of G-Suite and Add-Ons
  • How to Manage the Devices in Your Classroom
  • How to Get Your Students Working with Technology

We hope that you’ll come and join us on November the 9th here at OPSRC!

Parking is on the north side of the building - southwest corner of NW 14th & Harvey. Enter through the east door.  Additional parking is on the west side of the building. Please do not park on the south side on 13th street due to limited space.