Get More Math: Free Pilot Program for your Students (5th-Algebra)

Administrators and Teachers
December 5, 2017

Get More Math: Free Pilot Program for your Students (5th-Algebra)

Get More Math Program: Pilot Opportunity

Is your school interested in serving as a pilot program for Get More Math? Would you like for students to get additional practice to ensure mastery, access review material so students never forget a concept, and to be able to create assessments for standards from thousands of test-bank items, ALL FOR FREE?

Get More Math is uniquely powerful math practice software for grade five to Algebra 1. Many math software products provide individualized instruction, but Get More Math (GMM) takes a different approach: adaptive cumulative practice to ensure long-term retention. As a result, students using GMM score significantly higher than their peers on standardized tests. The program has been honed in the classroom over the past 12 years and was released during the 2015-2016 year to a beta group of teachers in several PA school districts. Students across the board (low to high performers) earned high PVAAS growth. These results encouraged a number of new teachers and districts to adopt the program midyear for 2016-2017 (over 20 PA school districts now participate). How it Works GMM builds math practice sessions for each student that include both new material and thorough review of old concepts and skills. As the year progresses, the teacher gradually selects more types of problems for these sessions. Every day, a student sees a new mix of practice problems selected for her based on data collected during all her former sessions.

OPSRC member schools may receive a year of free membership for students! In order to become a Pilot member, you must attend a one-day, free training! Feel free to send a few teachers!

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about Get More Math, please email Jamila MacArthur at

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