What is a CSP grant?

A Charter School Program (CSP) grant is a U.S. Department of Education federal grantawarded to state and non-governmental entities to support high-quality public charter schoolprograms. This year, Oklahoma was one of nine states selected and was awarded $16.5 millionto expand up to 25 high-quality charter schools throughout the state.

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What is the purpose of Oklahoma’s CSP grant?

Oklahoma’s CSP grant objectives are as follows:

  1. Increase the number of high-quality charter schools in Oklahoma with an emphasis on those serving educationally disadvantaged students (students placed at special risk by their socioeconomic and educational background).
  2. Improve student outcomes in Oklahoma charter schools, especially for educationally disadvantaged students.
  3. Disseminate high-performing charter schools’ best practices to help eliminate the achievement gap between educationally disadvantaged students and their peers.
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Who is eligible?

OPSRC will award subgrants for brick-and-mortar public charter schools in two categories: 1) those seeking to replicate/expand existing high-quality charter schools and 2) those seeking to create new charter schools based on successful models that have increased student achievement.

Applicants who have already had their proposed brick-and-mortar charter school approved by a charter school sponsor (authorizer) are eligible to apply. Competitive priority preference will be given to schools serving the following groups:

  1. Students living in poverty (as identified by the federal Free and Reduced Lunch program guidelines)
  2. Minority students who are often underserved in quality schools: African American, Hispanic and Native American students.
  3. Students with disabilities and English language learners.
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Who is not eligible?

Virtual charter schools are not eligible to apply.

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What does this grant cover?

Up to 5 subgrants of $600,000 will be awarded each year for a period of five years. The only restriction on what these subgrants can be used for is construction. CSP funds may be used for necessary maintenance, repair or upkeep of buildings and equipment that neither add to the permanent value of the property nor appreciably prolong its intended life, but merely keep it in an efficient operating condition.

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How long is the grant funding for?

Funding will be for a five-year granting period. However, each subgrant is for a two-year period: a planning year ($150,000 prior to the school opening) and implementation year (up to $450,000 for first year of operation).

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What is the grant application and review timeline?




CSP subgrant competition announced/advertised


Technical assistance webinars & local informational meetings held

February 1

Open application period

March 31

Application period closed and review process begins

April 30

Announce award grantees

Planning Year: May 1-June 30
Implementation Year: July 1 (of following year)

Disburse funds

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What is the application process?

This information will be detailed in the upcoming informational webinars and regional meetings.

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Who will review applications?

The OPSRC technical assistance team, created to oversee the OK grant, will use 3-member peer review teams to study, review, analyze and grade all subgrant applications. The peer review teams will consist of qualified experts from various Oklahoma communities with diverse gender, racial and ethnic representations.

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Will the application review be based on a rubric?

Yes. This information will be provided during the informational meetings.

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How can we get more information about the process?

We will be scheduling informational webinars and three regional meetings prior to opening theapplication window. Once we have determined dates for these events, we will create Eventbriteregistration links and share that information here within the Charter Resources section of ourwebsite. ​Click here​ if you wish to sign up for email updates.

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