Upper Academy Principal

Tulsa Legacy Charter School
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Tulsa, OK
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Full Time

All students will be taught by an outstanding teacher in a nurturing environment. Every student will achieve at high  levels and develop the knowledge and values necessary for responsible citizenship and life long learning. The impact of our collaborative efforts will fundamentally change public education.  


Title: Principal

Reports To:  Executive Director

ESSENTIAL QUALITIES                                                                 

Tulsa Legacy Charter School (TLCS) principals are more than school leaders and managers. They help transform children’s lives by creating opportunities for a brighter future. TLCS school leaders are responsible for ensuring all of our students achieve high levels of academic success. We are seeking principals who will make the commitment to lead with determination, integrity and purpose, embodying these essential qualities:

  • Past experiences and actions reflect a commitment to the TLCS mission, vision, core values
  • A passion and ability to build and sustain the TLCS PK-8 model in a high need, urban environment
  • Work in schools that demonstrates a sense of urgency and the relentless pursuit of high academic student achievement
  • Reflective, self-aware and adaptable to communication and work styles of others
  • Critical thinker and problem solver who takes initiative
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and works to build a collaborative culture with TLCS network, community, staff, families and students

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS                                                                

The Principal of a Tulsa Legacy Charter School is an instructional, operational and strategic leader who works to create and enhance a culture of achievement and respect where high expectations and results are the norm. Our principals are responsible for demonstrating significant and measurable academic gains, each year, with all students. Our principals’ actions must always be aligned with our mission, vision, core values and model. The essential functions for our principals are as follows:



  • Lead the school team to achieve network goals; align school goals to the charter and TLCS  model.
  • Manage all school programs in a manner that ensures efficiency, effectiveness and compliance; evaluate programs and make changes, as necessary, in line with the charter and the TLCS model.
  • Ensure timely, continuous and effective use of data for decision-making and differentiated programming and instruction.
  • Provide and present data toward network and school goals to the Board of Trustees and other constituents, as requested.


  • Serve as instructional leader, collaborating closely with the Director of Instruction to determine professional development needs of school to meet all network and school related goals.
  • Work closely with each individual staff member (both instructional and non-instructional) to assist and guide them with the development of the Individual Professional Development Plan; provide training and allow for opportunities for staff to meet individual goals; evaluate progress toward goals.


  • Provide the collaborative leadership necessary to implement the school’s mission; coordinate work and collaborate with the network.
  • Create a school culture with staff, parents and students focused on strong academic achievement, fairness, respect and high expectations for behavior (aligned with the school’s charter and TLCS model) that allows students to take to strive to reach goals.
  • Establish, model, practice, and reinforce age-appropriate rules and logical consequences when working with students and staff members regarding student behavior.
  • Initiate and maintain timely communication with all parents/guardians (through daily/weekly folders, notes home, weekly newsletters, phone calls, in-person meetings, conferences, report cards) concerning student progress and to provide a clear picture of the curriculum, culture and high expectations.
  • Communicate respectfully and thoughtfully with parent/guardians remaining sensitive to different families’ cultures, values and needs.
  • Manages all compliance and reporting for the each school within the charter.
  • Establish and manage school operations, procedures, systems, and routines that provide structure for students and maximize instructional time.
  • Complete and monitor and all compliance requirements (Education law and regulations; federal programs initiatives; student support service programs, emergency plans and protocols).
  • Complete all required authorizer, district and network reports with accuracy and timeliness.
  • Manage and oversee school budget, ensuring that all financial transactions are completed in accordance with TLCS policies and procedures.
  • Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate staff, and complete any other personnel actions, in accordance with TLCS policies and procedures.
  • Conduct and supervise marketing of school; actively recruit families to ensure full enrollment.
  • Establish, build and maintain community partnerships and relationships (arts partners, educational and child advocacy groups, business partners, media) to support the success of a diverse student population and the mission of the school, and to bring in volunteers and additional resources.
  • Collaborate with colleagues (grade level and school-wide meetings, professional development days, the professional development institute) to continuously improve personal practice, classroom instruction, assessment, and student achievement; as well as to achieve the overall goals and mission of the school and the network.
  • Access meaningful learning experiences (current theory, research, and developments in relevant academic disciplines, professional development opportunities, and ideas from colleagues and supervisors) and exercise judgment in accepting findings as valid for application in leadership and teacher improvement.
  • Reflect critically upon leadership experience; identify areas for further professional development as part of a professional development plan that is linked to school and network goals; access meaningful learning experiences; and listen thoughtfully to other viewpoints and respond constructively to suggestions and criticisms.
  • Use feedback to inform and update Individual Professional Development Plan.
  • Fulfill all outlined and related functions professionally, timely and thoroughly.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS                                                            
  • Masters Degree in Education, Education Administration or Teaching
  • Five (5) years teaching experience and three (3) years of school administrative experience
  • Proven track record of closing the achievement gap


  • Mission Focused
  • Driven towards Excellence
  • Influential
  • Relationship Builder
  • Talent Manager
  • Organized & Planned
  • Creative
  • Constant Learner


  • Collaborative leadership and school-based decision making
  • Ability to turn best practices into high quality, goal-driven results
  • Training and implementation of TLCS curriculum programs
  • Education law and regulations; federal programs initiatives; student support service programs
  • Data managements tools, organizational tools, computer skills (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook)

HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION                      
EVALUATION: Evaluation twice a year by ED based on progress toward school goals, individual professional development plan and Vision of Excellence.
CLASSIFICATION: Full-time, Administrative, and Exempt
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